My Palate Craves Dao Palate

I’ve been searching for places in New York City with flavorful vegan dishes. It just so happens I work in Park Slope, Brooklyn where there are a plethora of restaurants to choose ranging from Thai food, Mediterranean and Organic / Vegan food. I came across a place called Dao Palate on 7th Avenue. I took my younger sister here since she’s never had vegan food before.
Dao Palate has a tranquil, romantic dimmed-light setting when you enter the restaurant. The menu consists of appetizers, entrees, smoothies, Chinese herbal teas, freshly squeeze juices, sake and vegan desserts. I decided to get the Soy Cheese & Watercress Vegan Wontons w/ mango sauce appetizer. When I say DELECTABLE , I mean it!
Soy Cheese & Watercress Vegan Wontons w/ mango sauce
This was so amazing; I’ve never had anything like this before and I instantaneously fell in LOVE with this dish. It was cheesy and filled with my one of my favorite greens, watercress. The mango sauce was clearly made with LOVE. It wasn’t overly sweet nor overpoweringly sour. It was a perfect mixture and every time I come here this is the first thing I order. Next, I ordered my entree and prior to this I received a delicious miso soup in a small Chinese bowl with a white miso soup spoon. YUMMMMM!!!
miso soup
Afterwards, I received a vegetable pad Thai and my sister ordered spicy glass noodles with shrimp. On another occasion I did order the black pepper seitan w/ Chinese broccoli and brown rice. This was absolutely delicious and if you decide to come here, get this dish. I wasn’t crazy about the brown rice but the rest of the food was great.
Glass noodles
Vegetable Pad Thai & Chinese Glass Noodles
Black Pepper Seitan w/Chinese Broccoli & Brown Rice
Black Pepper Seitan w/Chinese Broccoli & Brown Rice
I personally would recommend this restaurant because the food is delicious and the service was great as well!!!!!!!

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