Vegan Myths

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Vegans need meat.

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This is false. People who are vegans tend to have lower cholesterol levels, less BMI (Body Mass Index) and less chances of having hypertension. If you’re a true vegan you definitely lessen your chances of having a lot of diseases and vegan cancer rates are lower than those who consume meat.Vegans get their proteins from vegetables, herbal powders and legumes.

Being vegan is unhealthy for you.

– If you’re a vegan who consumes a lot of frozen vegan foods and aren’t really monitoring what you eat then it CAN be unhealthy. True vegans consume the proper vegetables , fruits, protein , good carbs and good fat to maintain a healthy body. The health benefits of being vegan overall is great.

Vegans are bony, weak and lack energy. Being vegan is too much work.
Vegans eat boring food.

– In order to put these myths to rest, I really would prefer if people did their research instead of using their own theories that are FALSE. There are a lot of vegans that are muscular and some even body build. We get our energy from Earth foods, water and consuming foods or supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan foods aren’t boring and it’s not too much work.

Just like any entrees you prepare for dinner or breakfast, you have step by step processes. I just feel like people just don’t want to make an effort to prepare something that lacks meat products… People are entirely afraid of eating healthier. Just like meat, vegan foods need to be seasoned and made well. Everything is based on the person who is cooking the food. There are tons of fun recipes listed on this site if you want an idea of non-boring vegan foods.

Veganism is expensive.

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This is tricky. I say yes and no. Yes because if you decide to buy solely organic foods and the prices are very expensive at your food market, then yes it will turn out to be costly. If you buy from your local markets, co-ops , farmers markets and buy some organic vegan products you will pay either less or the average amount non vegans pay for their groceries. So it basically depends on the prices of the products you purchase at your markets, purchasing items in bulk also helps.

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The main point of this myth post is to encourage people to do more research on the lives of vegans instead of judging us for eating healthier. Whether you’re vegan or not your body NEEDS fruits, vegetables, vitamins, amino acids and good fats. Consuming nothing but trans-fats and anything with hydrogenation will kill your organs.

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