Vegan Lunch in Harlem

The food you love, veganized. Is Seasoned Vegan’s motto. 

As you walk in you are drawn by the Harlem neighborhood mural inside of the entrance.

Harlem Night Sky Mural
Harlem Night Sky Mural
Seasoned Vegan Fruit Basket Mural
Seasoned Vegan Fruit Basket Mural
The Harlem Seasoned Vegan Stoop
The Harlem Seasoned Vegan Stoop Mural

Seasoned Vegan is known for their veganized soul food which was created by Mrs. Beener. Mrs. Beener and her son Aaron Beener are the owners of this vegan restaurant. Mrs Beener started cooking and eating vegan food for over 20 years. This restaurant serves a different theme of food on a daily basis (Tuesday-Sunday), they aren’t opened Mondays. I commend the Beeners for raising awareness by opening this vegan restaurant in this Harlem community where the “chicken spot” and food that is drenched in genetically modified artificial colors, trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup; which is known to be extremely detrimental to your health aiding in cancerous diseases. 

Now onto the Food Review:

Mac N' Cheese x Broccoli x "Fried Shrimp"
Mac N’ Cheese x Stewed Fish x Broccoli x Fried Shrimp

This dish was very different in comparison to what I usually have at SV. The fried shrimp which is made from organic fermented soy, has an interesting taste but still gives you the flavor of real shrimp. The stewed fish blew my mind. Mrs. Beener you have done it once again!! Mrs. Beener’s stewed fish is made out of fermented soy with seaweed as the “skin” on the sides. Her recipe is reminiscent of actual fish my mum would make on the weekends. It smells and tastes like real fish. I love the fact that Mrs. Brenda Beener can capture the flavors of non vegan food into vegan food. I’ve been to many vegan restaurants and they lack flavor in all honesty. If a lot of these places added more flavor and seasonings into their recipes they would have a lot more non vegan customers as well as potential vegan eaters as well.

Vegan Lunch Closeup
Vegan Lunch Closeup



Crawfish x Spinach Salad x Spinach Pesto Mozzarella Pasta
Crawfish x Spinach Salad x Spinach Pesto Mozzarella Pasta

That crawfish is MMMMMMMHMN GOOD and I need this recipe because the seasonings make you feel as if you’re eating seafood. It’s made out of burdock root (a rooted vegetable) which has a lot of health benefits such as: anti-inflammatory and stunting the growth of cancer cells. I really enjoyed eating this dish because the spinach pesto pasta was just amazing. The Daiya cheese blended in so well you couldn’t tell if it was dairy or not. Thank you Katie for making this pasta, it was BOMB.COM

Vegan Mac N' Cheese
Vegan Mac N’ Cheese

I am absolutely head over heels over the Mac N’ Cheese at Seasoned Vegan. This is one of their staple dishes at Seasoned Vegan which is a best seller. People come in wanting and craving the Mac N’ Cheese every day.

I’m so happy to be working at a place that is found in an urban community. People of color need to eat healthier. Brenda and Aaron are doing a fantastic job in bringing the community together to eat well-seasoned delicious vegan food that is made with love.

Please come visit at: 55 Saint Nicholas Avenue (West 113th Street) New York, NY


  1. I wish I could visit, everything looks amazing, and you’re so right, many vegan restaurants seem almost fearful of seasoning. Thanks for following my blog. I’m following you now.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site. The food here is absolutely amazing I’m lucky to be apart of this. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

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