Veganism & Depression

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Veganism is a great lifestyle to adapt to. The health benefits are great and you lessen the chances of heart disease if you follow the appropriate veganism lifestyle. I never mentioned this to anyone but when I became vegan, the first few months were great. My body responded very well to this new lifestyle. As each day went on I noticed at one point I became depressed and filled with anxiety. I was wondering why I was feeling so lethargic because the first few months I was feeling great and happy. I started doing some research and talking to a few doctors. I knew prior to that those feelings I was having were symptoms of depression.

Say No To Depression
Say No To Depression

During that time I was hospitalized and the doctors ran some tests on me and my vitamin D was significantly low as well as some other vitamin levels. My doctor stated I needed some sort of dairy and meat. At that point I knew that I had to take it into my own hands.

Vitaminb12 Benefits
Vitaminb12 Benefits

Self-research is always important because you know how well your body responds to certain things. I found many articles on vegans and their need for extra doses of Vitamin b-12 and Vitamin D. Within those articles, I also read there are millions of people that have low levels of these vitamins. Many dairy products allegedly contain these vitamins but with the cost of your health. When you lack vitamin b-12 you also deal with the chances of memory loss, fatigue and other body harming stressors. The only way to up the levels of your vitamins is to consume fortifying plant based foods such as: hemp milk, nutritional yeasts, nori, seaweed and other holistic green foods. You can also purchase vitamin supplements but be cautious of the synthetic vs non-synthetic vitamin supplements. Always do your research prior to purchasing anything. There are way too many synthetic supplements in stores that will prevent you from really getting the proper nutrients you need from them. Let’s come together and help each other gain the proper knowledge and nutrients so that we can live longer. I want to lessen the amount of heart and mental disease issues in our country so spreading the word is just the first step.

Stay tuned….

Operation Happy
Operation Happy

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