Vegans Eats: By Chloe Restaurant 

So… I’ve been eyeing this new vegan restaurant in the village since it’s opening this past summer. This new vegan restaurant called By Chloe which is owned by Cupcake Wars Winner Chloe Coscarelli and Creative Director Samantha Wasser is a win in my opinion! My friends and I visited By Chloe last Friday. We left in awe and full. 

By Chloe’s Menu
The menu is super cute and creative. I love the colors and how they’re making veganism look fun instead of using a boring menu with plants on it. LOL ! As soon as we walked over to the cashier we were greeted very graciously by the staff, which I appreciate! So, we ordered the following: 


Air Dried Sweet Potato Fries, GF Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese, Pesto Meatball Sub
This was complete LIFE … Beet Ketchup , bro! Must have this again … Drooling!The only downside with this condiment was the fact that the Beet Ketchup literally had a little bit inside of the container. It may appear in the picture as if it was full but it wasn’t. The chipotle was filled though. 

The sweet potato fries were perfectly done and the fact that they’re air dried is a plus in my book! 

Spicy Thai Salad w/ apricot-sriracha tempeh, quinoa, edamame, wontons, peanut dressing
We all pretty much shared everything I just had two bites of this salad and it was absolutely delicious I’m craving that apricot-sriracha glaze right now. Every bite was delectable. My friend said she really enjoyed it and the flavors were unbelievable. This dish reminds me of sesame chicken back in the day when I used to eat meat and go to the Chinese restaurant. 

Pesto Meatball Sub
Initially I was going to order the famous Guac Burger but I opted to get the Pesto Meatball Sub because I love Italian food so I felt this would satisfy my palate entirely. Boy oh boy was I right!!!!! I loved the pesto and the tomato sauce. It was all too good to be true, HA! My only gripe about this sub was that it wasn’t gluten free. I’m trying to eat gluten free because I notice I start breaking out sometimes but in this case I couldn’t resist to order it. Hopefully they’ll have gluten free buns and subs. 

GF Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese w/ Almond Parmesan & Shiitake Bacon

Okay two things: this had so much potential to be one of the best vegan Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had. It was missing something like a little bit of salt and more garlic. I found myself waiting for that Wow Factor in each bite. Secondly, The shiitake bacon is DivAmazzzzingggg I personally would love to purchase a side of it just to snack on. OMG… Lol 
I did try the Coffee Chia Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Banana Bourbon Ice Cream. Ridiculous (in a good way)  how you can veganize food and just have guilt free healthy food. I didn’t take any pictures of the dessert because it was so good I didn’t have any time..


I shall return to By Chloe again & try their brunch!!!! 



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