My Detoxing Experience: Part I

Summer is near and we all want to look our best so what do we do? We Detox and Exercise! 

My friend (Sarah) and I have created this hashtag entitled #YearoftheBody. We decided that this will be the year that we get fit and healthy. After the past two years of drinking and partying we felt extremely sluggish and didn’t feel like we looked healthy either. It’s so important to understand that what is happening internally exposes itself physically. 

So this leads me to my own personal detoxing experience. I’ve been wanting to get back in shape for awhile. Life gets hard but you must do it. I’m on a path not to lose weight but to lose waste and get as healthy as I can get. I don’t aspire to be skinny and I personally wouldn’t recommend for anyone to do so either. Your goal should be to feel good on the inside first and let the outside reflect that afterwards. Get rid of the scale and work as hard as you can daily. Take your time, results don’t appear overnight!!

This photo is not property of TheVeganDiva


I signed up for Bikram Yoga and went on a raw food diet with my friend Naketa. She told me that this would be a great experience and to do something for myself. So as crazy as I thought this would be, I did it. We did 6 days straight of bikram yoga and about nearly 2 weeks of the raw food diet. I must say I felt great. Bikram is a totally different lifestyle and I am very happy that I tried something that I wasn’t comfortable with. The poses we did seemed simple but they aren’t. Every pose targets each part of your body. I also chose to do bikram as well to help the circulation in my lymphatic system as well. 

This photo is not property of The VeganDiva

Eating raw wasn’t actually hard. You get cranky at first but you get over it. I wasn’t hungry on my raw food diet either. Naketa and I prepped food for the week. We made a variety of smoothies, cashew dressing, kale salad, cashew dip, crab meat from nuts, mango salsa and pickled tomatoes. It was quick and easy to prep and lasted just a little over a week.

My Crab Meat with Naketa’s Cashew Dressing

 I would highly recommend everyone to try going raw because you feel lighter and you feel better. I loved my results but it doesn’t stop there. I’m on a path to the best holistic lifestyle I can live. Everyday there’s an obstacle but that’s the interesting thing about life, you can always try another goal tomorrow! Join me on this journey!

 I’ll end part one of my post with this question: 


(Part Two will break down Detox & Nutrition) 

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