Dealing With Vegan /Plantbased Haters…

Before I thought about going vegan, I never turned my nose up to those who were vegans. I just knew at that time my will-power was low and I was ill-informed. When you lack the proper knowledge of certain things you tend to turn your back against it. I know many people who act very ignorant when they think of the concept of veganism. Why do I care? I care because not only are our generations becoming morbidly obese, the food is losing its nutrients due to hybrid seeds. People wonder why at times I go so hard to spread “health peace” but they still walk around eating at McDonalds/BurgerKing/Wendy’s/Applebee’s. Every week there is a new discovery of harmful ingredients at these fast food chain restaurants. For instance, have you not seen the nasty Halloween Burger from Burger King?

Halloween burger ( This photo is not the property of TheVeganDiva)

How is this acceptable in our country? Why are people still purchasing things like this and not protesting against these companies? Spend your money on things that will elongate your life. Why would you feed your children this garbage? Their tiny bodies are not meant to digest these poisonous objects. This isn’t even real food. Can we be a bit smarter folks???


This photo is not property of TheVeganDiva
We have a lot more access to healthy foods than other people and we should take full advantage of that. Some places can be expensive but I am sure many can find cheaper stores. Learn how to budget when spending money on groceries. Learn how to food prep that will help you out so much.

Dehydrated Apples & Kale (Meal Prep)
         Dehydrated Apples & Kale (Meal Prep)

Let’s wake up and take action by eating properly. Peace 

Vegan Diva Returns…

Hello Readers,
It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. A lot has happened over the past year. I am now ready to rededicate myself to this lifestyle. We must remember when we are struggling with anything that we aren’t alone. Someone is always willing to listen. It’s never a bad thing to ask for help. There are tons of apps where you can get some type of support and even sign in under anonymous so your name is private. A cry for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that! 
 I know at times we start building unhealthy habits when we are depressed or going through rough times but remember it’s only temporary pain you’re enduring. No pain lasts forever. Find something that makes you happy so that it will keep you focused. I know I am not perfect and I was sidetracked thus leading me off the vegan lifestyle for awhile but after coming to terms with my issues I’m ready to share my vegan recipes and experiences with you all again. Thanks for being patient with me since I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’m happy to be able to share my physical and mental journey with others who may be going through the same thing. See you next post. 
Peace & Love

As the great and late Aaliyah once said: “Dust yourself off and try again…” 

Vegan Lunch in Harlem

The food you love, veganized. Is Seasoned Vegan’s motto. 

As you walk in you are drawn by the Harlem neighborhood mural inside of the entrance.

Harlem Night Sky Mural
Harlem Night Sky Mural
Seasoned Vegan Fruit Basket Mural
Seasoned Vegan Fruit Basket Mural
The Harlem Seasoned Vegan Stoop
The Harlem Seasoned Vegan Stoop Mural

Seasoned Vegan is known for their veganized soul food which was created by Mrs. Beener. Mrs. Beener and her son Aaron Beener are the owners of this vegan restaurant. Mrs Beener started cooking and eating vegan food for over 20 years. This restaurant serves a different theme of food on a daily basis (Tuesday-Sunday), they aren’t opened Mondays. I commend the Beeners for raising awareness by opening this vegan restaurant in this Harlem community where the “chicken spot” and food that is drenched in genetically modified artificial colors, trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup; which is known to be extremely detrimental to your health aiding in cancerous diseases. 

Now onto the Food Review:

Mac N' Cheese x Broccoli x "Fried Shrimp"
Mac N’ Cheese x Stewed Fish x Broccoli x Fried Shrimp

This dish was very different in comparison to what I usually have at SV. The fried shrimp which is made from organic fermented soy, has an interesting taste but still gives you the flavor of real shrimp. The stewed fish blew my mind. Mrs. Beener you have done it once again!! Mrs. Beener’s stewed fish is made out of fermented soy with seaweed as the “skin” on the sides. Her recipe is reminiscent of actual fish my mum would make on the weekends. It smells and tastes like real fish. I love the fact that Mrs. Brenda Beener can capture the flavors of non vegan food into vegan food. I’ve been to many vegan restaurants and they lack flavor in all honesty. If a lot of these places added more flavor and seasonings into their recipes they would have a lot more non vegan customers as well as potential vegan eaters as well.

Vegan Lunch Closeup
Vegan Lunch Closeup



Crawfish x Spinach Salad x Spinach Pesto Mozzarella Pasta
Crawfish x Spinach Salad x Spinach Pesto Mozzarella Pasta

That crawfish is MMMMMMMHMN GOOD and I need this recipe because the seasonings make you feel as if you’re eating seafood. It’s made out of burdock root (a rooted vegetable) which has a lot of health benefits such as: anti-inflammatory and stunting the growth of cancer cells. I really enjoyed eating this dish because the spinach pesto pasta was just amazing. The Daiya cheese blended in so well you couldn’t tell if it was dairy or not. Thank you Katie for making this pasta, it was BOMB.COM

Vegan Mac N' Cheese
Vegan Mac N’ Cheese

I am absolutely head over heels over the Mac N’ Cheese at Seasoned Vegan. This is one of their staple dishes at Seasoned Vegan which is a best seller. People come in wanting and craving the Mac N’ Cheese every day.

I’m so happy to be working at a place that is found in an urban community. People of color need to eat healthier. Brenda and Aaron are doing a fantastic job in bringing the community together to eat well-seasoned delicious vegan food that is made with love.

Please come visit at: 55 Saint Nicholas Avenue (West 113th Street) New York, NY

Veganism & Depression

B12Vegan Photo by  

Veganism is a great lifestyle to adapt to. The health benefits are great and you lessen the chances of heart disease if you follow the appropriate veganism lifestyle. I never mentioned this to anyone but when I became vegan, the first few months were great. My body responded very well to this new lifestyle. As each day went on I noticed at one point I became depressed and filled with anxiety. I was wondering why I was feeling so lethargic because the first few months I was feeling great and happy. I started doing some research and talking to a few doctors. I knew prior to that those feelings I was having were symptoms of depression.

Say No To Depression
Say No To Depression

During that time I was hospitalized and the doctors ran some tests on me and my vitamin D was significantly low as well as some other vitamin levels. My doctor stated I needed some sort of dairy and meat. At that point I knew that I had to take it into my own hands.

Vitaminb12 Benefits
Vitaminb12 Benefits

Self-research is always important because you know how well your body responds to certain things. I found many articles on vegans and their need for extra doses of Vitamin b-12 and Vitamin D. Within those articles, I also read there are millions of people that have low levels of these vitamins. Many dairy products allegedly contain these vitamins but with the cost of your health. When you lack vitamin b-12 you also deal with the chances of memory loss, fatigue and other body harming stressors. The only way to up the levels of your vitamins is to consume fortifying plant based foods such as: hemp milk, nutritional yeasts, nori, seaweed and other holistic green foods. You can also purchase vitamin supplements but be cautious of the synthetic vs non-synthetic vitamin supplements. Always do your research prior to purchasing anything. There are way too many synthetic supplements in stores that will prevent you from really getting the proper nutrients you need from them. Let’s come together and help each other gain the proper knowledge and nutrients so that we can live longer. I want to lessen the amount of heart and mental disease issues in our country so spreading the word is just the first step.

Stay tuned….

Operation Happy
Operation Happy

Vegan Myths

photo 3-1

Vegans need meat.

photo 1

This is false. People who are vegans tend to have lower cholesterol levels, less BMI (Body Mass Index) and less chances of having hypertension. If you’re a true vegan you definitely lessen your chances of having a lot of diseases and vegan cancer rates are lower than those who consume meat.Vegans get their proteins from vegetables, herbal powders and legumes.

Being vegan is unhealthy for you.

– If you’re a vegan who consumes a lot of frozen vegan foods and aren’t really monitoring what you eat then it CAN be unhealthy. True vegans consume the proper vegetables , fruits, protein , good carbs and good fat to maintain a healthy body. The health benefits of being vegan overall is great.

Vegans are bony, weak and lack energy. Being vegan is too much work.
Vegans eat boring food.

– In order to put these myths to rest, I really would prefer if people did their research instead of using their own theories that are FALSE. There are a lot of vegans that are muscular and some even body build. We get our energy from Earth foods, water and consuming foods or supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan foods aren’t boring and it’s not too much work.

Just like any entrees you prepare for dinner or breakfast, you have step by step processes. I just feel like people just don’t want to make an effort to prepare something that lacks meat products… People are entirely afraid of eating healthier. Just like meat, vegan foods need to be seasoned and made well. Everything is based on the person who is cooking the food. There are tons of fun recipes listed on this site if you want an idea of non-boring vegan foods.

Veganism is expensive.

photo 4-1

This is tricky. I say yes and no. Yes because if you decide to buy solely organic foods and the prices are very expensive at your food market, then yes it will turn out to be costly. If you buy from your local markets, co-ops , farmers markets and buy some organic vegan products you will pay either less or the average amount non vegans pay for their groceries. So it basically depends on the prices of the products you purchase at your markets, purchasing items in bulk also helps.

photo 2-1

The main point of this myth post is to encourage people to do more research on the lives of vegans instead of judging us for eating healthier. Whether you’re vegan or not your body NEEDS fruits, vegetables, vitamins, amino acids and good fats. Consuming nothing but trans-fats and anything with hydrogenation will kill your organs.

photo 5


Food For Thought: 2014 Resolutions

Hello Readers,

This year I think we should focus on building a better immune system so that diseases will not surface. Less drinking, less smoking, more nutritional foods.

Nuts Containing Amino Acids

Try to incorporate ginger, amino acids, probiotics/live cultures (contains good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria and boost your immune system) , Omega 3′s, fiber and lots of water into your current diet.

GingerProbiotics /Live Cultures

These are health tips for the general public and not solely for vegans. I want to see everyone living longer because our death rate is increasing whilst the average death age is decreasing quickly. If we want to live longer than our grandparents and parents I suggest everyone be mindful of what they consume.

Earth foods are not the enemy. We need them in order to survive this era of Genetically Modified Society. Food Commercials are there to make you think that their preservative, artificial and Genetically Modified Food is actually good for you. How can you be healthy internally eating sandwiches, soda, sweets etc. made with ingredients you can’t even pronounce?

Think about it.

Let’s try to open our eyes this year and start reading the ingredients on the back of our products so we that we can make conscious decisions when we make food purchases. Next week I will break down some nutrition & vegan myths and bring you facts to help you out if you’re struggling to incorporate a vegan diet into your busy schedule.

Probiotics /Live CulturesKimchi

Eat Healthy & Live Life

It’s been a year and four months since I’ve become or classified myself as a vegan. This may have been the best decision thus far in my life. Being vegan is fun. It helps me enhance my creativity. I’m able to take a variety of foods and create something with pizzazz and spice.


Vegans can create healthier alternatives of your favorite junk foods, for instance: bacon cheeseburgers, chicken and waffles and ice cream.

Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger This photo is not property of The Vegan Diva
Veggie Chicken and Waffles
Veggie Chicken & Waffles” This photo is not property of The Vegan Diva


In this day and age, people aren’t getting enough nutrients due to their poor eating habits (especially in America). Americans love eating fast food, thus having the highest heart disease rate in the world. So what can we do to prevent this?



  • Monitor what you eat daily/weekly
  • Incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.
  • If you do eat meat/fish: try baking instead of frying. Add natural spices and herbs (not Sazón)
  • Go to the doctor monthly to test your blood sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Beware of foods that are high in fat and very greasy.
  • Exercise to keep the body, blood and heart healthy.

In reference to exercising: Don’t think just because you exercise and still eat fast food it won’t affect you. What you consume and the artificial ingredients will still latch onto your organs, slowly making them sick.

Let’s start eating healthier so that we will live longer and breed a healthier generation.

Fruits, Veggies