Food For Thought: 2014 Resolutions

Hello Readers, This year I think we should focus on building a better immune system so that diseases will not surface. Less drinking, less smoking, more nutritional foods. Try to incorporate ginger, amino acids, probiotics/live cultures (contains good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria and boost your immune system) , Omega 3′s, fiber and lots …

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My Palate Craves Dao Palate

I’ve been searching for places in New York City with flavorful vegan dishes. It just so happens I work in Park Slope, Brooklyn where there are a plethora of restaurants to choose ranging from Thai food, Mediterranean and Organic / Vegan food. I came across a place called Dao Palate on 7th Avenue. I took …

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Eat Healthy & Live Life

It’s been a year and four months since I’ve become or classified myself as a vegan. This may have been the best decision thus far in my life. Being vegan is fun. It helps me enhance my creativity. I’m able to take a variety of foods and create something with pizzazz and spice. VEGAN FOOD IS …

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