Food For Thought: 2014 Resolutions

Hello Readers,

This year I think we should focus on building a better immune system so that diseases will not surface. Less drinking, less smoking, more nutritional foods.

Nuts Containing Amino Acids

Try to incorporate ginger, amino acids, probiotics/live cultures (contains good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria and boost your immune system) , Omega 3′s, fiber and lots of water into your current diet.

GingerProbiotics /Live Cultures

These are health tips for the general public and not solely for vegans. I want to see everyone living longer because our death rate is increasing whilst the average death age is decreasing quickly. If we want to live longer than our grandparents and parents I suggest everyone be mindful of what they consume.

Earth foods are not the enemy. We need them in order to survive this era of Genetically Modified Society. Food Commercials are there to make you think that their preservative, artificial and Genetically Modified Food is actually good for you. How can you be healthy internally eating sandwiches, soda, sweets etc. made with ingredients you can’t even pronounce?

Think about it.

Let’s try to open our eyes this year and start reading the ingredients on the back of our products so we that we can make conscious decisions when we make food purchases. Next week I will break down some nutrition & vegan myths and bring you facts to help you out if you’re struggling to incorporate a vegan diet into your busy schedule.

Probiotics /Live CulturesKimchi