Vegan In Miami Beach 

Hey!!! Is it fall already? Where did the time go?? Happy Autumn Season!! 

So my birthday was in mid September and I decided to go on vacation with my girlfriends for a few days in Miami. Before I got to Miami I was concerned about finding vegan restaurants and if the food would actually taste good. Well, I am here to tell you that the vegan food in Miami is absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every single moment of beautiful weather and delicious food. Here are a few places I tried and I would highly recommend going there:

This photo is not the property of
  DIRT  (232 5th st)

DIRTeatclean is a farm to table restaurant hence the name. I had the pleasure of going there about 3 times that’s how much we loved this place.

I had the Bombay Bowl. The Bombay Bowl’s ingredients: arugula, roasted curried cauliflower, cucumber, fine herbs, butternut squash cashew “cream”, golden quinoa, extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritional facts: CAL / 450 PROTEIN / 15g FAT / 16g CARBS / 66g

This photo is not the property of
  Plant Theory (744 6th St)

Plant Theory is an all plant based vegan restaurant with gluten free raw food options & gluten free cooked food options. This restaurant is very conscious about what they serve to the public. I’m very happy to have come here because you can literally ask the staff any questions on where the food comes from, the most popular items and they’ll gladly answer your questions. One of the lovely staff members suggested the Phyliss Cheezesteak Burger. 

Ingredients: thin strips of bell pepper, onion, portobello mushrooms in our piquant marinade, topped with melted cheddar cheeze and special SOS sauce.

Please visit these two wonderful vegan/vegan friendly restaurants. You won’t be disappointed. I promise! 

Veganized Foods: Burgers Galore 

Hello my fellow plant based lovers !!! 

So today I’m going to show you my favorite veganized food: burgers. What is veganized? Veganize(d) means to modify something that is non vegan and create a veganized version of it! For example: spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers, pizza and even ice cream! You can create these dishes by using plant based vegan ingredients. 

Now let’s get started. 

1)  Bareburger: Guadalupe Burger 

Located: Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, NY 

Bareburger is an organic burger spot with many locations throughout New York City that also happens to sell vegan options. Yay! The Guadalupe burger was so delicious with its sprouted bun (they have gluten free options as well) , black bean burger, guacamole, vegan cheese (there’s an up charge for this) , red onion and alfalfa sprouts. They also have vegan based sauces you can ask for as well.  Just drooling thinking about it right now. Must try !!!!  

 Don’t Forget The Sweet Potato Fries!!!!!!! 

2) Champs Diner: Fish Filet Burger

Located: Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Okay so I never knew there was a vegan diner right here in New York City 

 This. Place. Is. Absolutely. The. Bomb. 


The burgers my friends and I had were absolutely delicious. The chicken and fish filet were absolutely amazing guys. The spicy chipotle sauces and tartar sauces are a must for you to try if you decide to go. They do have gluten free options for those of you that would prefer to stay wheat free. We also have the Chicken and Waffles which I would highly recommend to try whenever you’re in a breakfast mood. Did I forget to mention that they also have tater totssssssss I haven’t had those since I was in elementary school. It just brought back great memories of my childhood. Thank you Champs Diner!!!     

Side bar: Start with these  “Bbq Wings” with tartar sauce first and a healthy fresh pressed juice. 

  Thank you Champs Diner!!! 

3) Seasoned Vegan: The SV Burger

Located: Harlem, New York

Let’s get into this burger though!!! Seasoned Vegan has a great soy based burger that’s out of this world. It’s topped with lettuce, tomatoes, Mrs Beener’s special sauce, a side of raw ketchup and you can also add: Cheddar/Mozarella, Cashew Cheese or Avocado to your burger! Yum! At the time I visited Seasoned Vegan they were serving sweet potato fries [an occasional item]. Doesn’t it look Deeee-lish? Definitely not gluten free but guess what? They have a raw burger for my raw foodies and gluten free peeps!!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will get your vegan burger fix like I did!! See you next post!!!!!

Dealing With Vegan /Plantbased Haters…

Before I thought about going vegan, I never turned my nose up to those who were vegans. I just knew at that time my will-power was low and I was ill-informed. When you lack the proper knowledge of certain things you tend to turn your back against it. I know many people who act very ignorant when they think of the concept of veganism. Why do I care? I care because not only are our generations becoming morbidly obese, the food is losing its nutrients due to hybrid seeds. People wonder why at times I go so hard to spread “health peace” but they still walk around eating at McDonalds/BurgerKing/Wendy’s/Applebee’s. Every week there is a new discovery of harmful ingredients at these fast food chain restaurants. For instance, have you not seen the nasty Halloween Burger from Burger King?

Halloween burger ( This photo is not the property of TheVeganDiva)

How is this acceptable in our country? Why are people still purchasing things like this and not protesting against these companies? Spend your money on things that will elongate your life. Why would you feed your children this garbage? Their tiny bodies are not meant to digest these poisonous objects. This isn’t even real food. Can we be a bit smarter folks???


This photo is not property of TheVeganDiva
We have a lot more access to healthy foods than other people and we should take full advantage of that. Some places can be expensive but I am sure many can find cheaper stores. Learn how to budget when spending money on groceries. Learn how to food prep that will help you out so much.

Dehydrated Apples & Kale (Meal Prep)
         Dehydrated Apples & Kale (Meal Prep)

Let’s wake up and take action by eating properly. Peace 

TVD Kitchen: Biscuit Burger

Hello Readers,
Ever since I became vegan I do have cravings for veganized foods. Lol. I love food so much I have to satisfy my cravings. I grew up in a West Indian household so burgers weren’t apart of our culture. Honestly the only time we would eat burgers was during the summer at our family barbecues. So it was pretty much a treat for us growing up. 
Anyways so I came across Beyond Meat few years ago and I have been using their products ever since. Beyond Meat is an all meat-free gluten free non gmo company that produces mock meats for vegans. They have soy options and non soy options as well. My favorite products is their Beef Crumble (soy free) and Southwest Chicken Strips (soy based). A few weeks ago I came across this Beastly Burger (soy free/gluten free/non gmo) via Instagram and I said to myself, “Girl, you need to find this ASAP” so I went to Whole Foods yesterday and found it!!!
I give you my Gluten Free Garlic Biscuit Burger. 

Vegans Eats: By Chloe Restaurant 

So… I’ve been eyeing this new vegan restaurant in the village since it’s opening this past summer. This new vegan restaurant called By Chloe which is owned by Cupcake Wars Winner Chloe Coscarelli and Creative Director Samantha Wasser is a win in my opinion! My friends and I visited By Chloe last Friday. We left in awe and full. 

By Chloe’s Menu
The menu is super cute and creative. I love the colors and how they’re making veganism look fun instead of using a boring menu with plants on it. LOL ! As soon as we walked over to the cashier we were greeted very graciously by the staff, which I appreciate! So, we ordered the following: 


Air Dried Sweet Potato Fries, GF Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese, Pesto Meatball Sub
This was complete LIFE … Beet Ketchup , bro! Must have this again … Drooling!The only downside with this condiment was the fact that the Beet Ketchup literally had a little bit inside of the container. It may appear in the picture as if it was full but it wasn’t. The chipotle was filled though. 

The sweet potato fries were perfectly done and the fact that they’re air dried is a plus in my book! 

Spicy Thai Salad w/ apricot-sriracha tempeh, quinoa, edamame, wontons, peanut dressing
We all pretty much shared everything I just had two bites of this salad and it was absolutely delicious I’m craving that apricot-sriracha glaze right now. Every bite was delectable. My friend said she really enjoyed it and the flavors were unbelievable. This dish reminds me of sesame chicken back in the day when I used to eat meat and go to the Chinese restaurant. 

Pesto Meatball Sub
Initially I was going to order the famous Guac Burger but I opted to get the Pesto Meatball Sub because I love Italian food so I felt this would satisfy my palate entirely. Boy oh boy was I right!!!!! I loved the pesto and the tomato sauce. It was all too good to be true, HA! My only gripe about this sub was that it wasn’t gluten free. I’m trying to eat gluten free because I notice I start breaking out sometimes but in this case I couldn’t resist to order it. Hopefully they’ll have gluten free buns and subs. 

GF Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese w/ Almond Parmesan & Shiitake Bacon

Okay two things: this had so much potential to be one of the best vegan Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had. It was missing something like a little bit of salt and more garlic. I found myself waiting for that Wow Factor in each bite. Secondly, The shiitake bacon is DivAmazzzzingggg I personally would love to purchase a side of it just to snack on. OMG… Lol 
I did try the Coffee Chia Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Banana Bourbon Ice Cream. Ridiculous (in a good way)  how you can veganize food and just have guilt free healthy food. I didn’t take any pictures of the dessert because it was so good I didn’t have any time..


I shall return to By Chloe again & try their brunch!!!! 



Vegan Diva Returns…

Hello Readers,
It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. A lot has happened over the past year. I am now ready to rededicate myself to this lifestyle. We must remember when we are struggling with anything that we aren’t alone. Someone is always willing to listen. It’s never a bad thing to ask for help. There are tons of apps where you can get some type of support and even sign in under anonymous so your name is private. A cry for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that! 
 I know at times we start building unhealthy habits when we are depressed or going through rough times but remember it’s only temporary pain you’re enduring. No pain lasts forever. Find something that makes you happy so that it will keep you focused. I know I am not perfect and I was sidetracked thus leading me off the vegan lifestyle for awhile but after coming to terms with my issues I’m ready to share my vegan recipes and experiences with you all again. Thanks for being patient with me since I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’m happy to be able to share my physical and mental journey with others who may be going through the same thing. See you next post. 
Peace & Love

As the great and late Aaliyah once said: “Dust yourself off and try again…” 

The Vegan Diva: Veganized Foods

While summer is coming to a close I decided I would write a post on my favorite 5 great VEGAN FOODS FOR THE SUMMER! During the summer I really enjoy cold foods, soups, sandwiches, lots of salad and fruits and when I think of summer I think of bright colored foods, don’t you?

1) SHRIMP PO’BOY – Here we have a delicious Shrimp Po’Boy Wrap. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. What’s in it? How does this replicate shrimp? If you go to the store you can actually buy soy-based prawns or non-soy based prawns that look exactly like shrimp. Even the reddish pink colored marks are on the “prawns.” Inside of this po-boy is a remoulade sauce that taste like heaven on earth. It reminds me of a chipotle sauce made with love and the perfect seasonings to go with it. I love the fact that it has mixed greens [and a side of Mrs. Beener’s famous salad dressing, YUMMM] inside of it because we all need greens for energy and for our organs to function properly.

Shrimp PoBoy
Shrimp Po’Boy

2) RAW VEGAN PIZZA – This is a raw vegan pizza made by a Chef at Seasoned Vegan. There are so many ways to make a raw vegan pizza and we tend to overlook it. Look at this presentation! Raw tomato sauce, my favorite vegetables and a flax crust to die for!

Raw Vegan Pizza
Raw Vegan Pizza


It’s stuffed with cashew cheese and almond meal, topped with pico de gallo with a side of mixed greens. I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This is pretty much perfection at its finest. The organic avocado is so sweet and the cashew cheese just adds that kick you won’t even miss real cheese. This is pretty much a better version of a deviled egg. I think we take for granted the fact that we can make a lot of these foods at home but choose to eat out at restaurants.

Stuffed Avocado
Stuffed Avocado


The other day I was craving grilled southwest chicken and something with curry in it. I went to the health food market near my house and figured I would make some for my family. I am of West Indian descent, a little island called Grenada. Grenada is known as the Spice Island country and I figured I would go back to one of my roots and created a family favorite. This “chicken” is actually made from a pea-protein and the texture replicates chicken strips. I sautéed my chickpeas, southwest chicken with onions, garlic, curry powder and my Kelp Seasoning by Braggs. My family loved this and even told me that it tastes great and tastes just like chicken. I am very pleased with my results you have no idea. I matched it with basmati rice and brown jasmine rice and I also sautéed some collard greens with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, ginger and a little raw brown sugar. A light meal for the summer and healthy as well.

Vegan Curry Chicken w/ Sundried Tomato Collard Greens
Vegan Curry Chicken w/ Sundried Tomato Collard Greens


HERE WE HAVE A BUTTERSCOTCH CUPCAKE WITH COCONUT BACONNNNNNNNNNNNN……WHAT? YES I SAID COCONUT BACON! Chef Reese at Seasoned Vegan is one of the best Vegan Pastry Chef’s I’ve encountered. Usually I am not a huge fan of sweets. You really will never see me buying pastry. I love to have a small sample of pastry, I won’t eat the entire thing. Anyway, this is the best cupcake ever. It’s so moist and just melts the right way. The coconut bacon is my favorite because it looks like bacon chips and gives you a slight taste of bacon. You definitely taste the coconut but this is everything to me. I am so happy that there are so many talented vegan chefs in New York City because I am able to try a variety of their talents. The fact that this has less ingredients than a regular dairy based cupcake and tastes 100x times better than it just blows my mind.

Butterscotch Cupcake w/Coconut Bacon
Butterscotch Cupcake w/Coconut Bacon


TheVeganDivaCooks Breakfast

The McGriddle Sandwich

Hey Foodies!!! So, the other day I was craving a McGriddle sandwich but obviously I cannot eat that preservative and artificially meat based sandwich from McDonalds. I kept thinking to myself how could I make this happen while also being on a budget. I really wanted to make this and show people when you veganize certain foods, the outcome is great health wise. So, I went to my local health food store and bought organic pastry flour, vegan non-soy sausage, Daiya cheese and some organic extra firm tofu.

Now onto the recipe:

McGriddle Bread
1-2cups of Pastry Flour
1/2 cup of water
2 Tbsp of Raw Agave Nectar

(Don’t Forget to add Baking Powder)

McGriddle Batter
McGriddle Batter

Make sure when you are making this batter that it has a thick consistency but don’t overdo it! Place the batter mix into the pan by using three 3Tbsp for each slice of McGriddle bread.Once you are finished you will need a few more things for the next step:

For the tofu you need to cut it in thick “egg-like” blocks, sprinkle turmeric powder till the entire block of tofu is completely yellow.

Tofu Egg
Tofu Egg

Then sprinkle some chili powder over it then place it in a hot skillet with organic Olive oil. The sausage comes in a casing but when you take it out just slice it down the middle vertically and place it in a hot skillet using Organic Earth Balance butter till it becomes brown on both sides.

Vegan Artisanal Sausage
Vegan Apple-Sage Artisanal Sausage
Organic Earth Balance Butter
Organic Earth Balance Butter

Stacking Your McGriddle

First, get a plate and sprinkle some Raw Agave Nectar onto the middle of the plate. Place one slice of your bread onto the nectar that you have on your plate. Next, add your tofu-egg. You can add either one or two pieces. This really depends on your palette. After this I melted my Daiya cheese with my Organic Earth Balance butter in a skillet until it gave me a thick consistency then placed it on top of  my tofu-egg. Finally, we add the Apple-Sage Sausage, drizzle more Agave Nectar then place the bread on top



Vegan McGriddle vs Meatbased McGriddle
Vegan McGriddle (top) vs Meatbased McGriddle (bottom)