TVD Kitchen: Biscuit Burger

Hello Readers, Ever since I became vegan I do have cravings for veganized foods. Lol. I love food so much I have to satisfy my cravings. I grew up in a West Indian household so burgers weren't apart of our culture. Honestly the only time we would eat burgers was during the summer at our …

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TheVeganDivaCooks Breakfast

The McGriddle Sandwich Hey Foodies!!! So, the other day I was craving a McGriddle sandwich but obviously I cannot eat that preservative and artificially meat based sandwich from McDonalds. I kept thinking to myself how could I make this happen while also being on a budget. I really wanted to make this and show people …

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My Palate Craves Dao Palate

I’ve been searching for places in New York City with flavorful vegan dishes. It just so happens I work in Park Slope, Brooklyn where there are a plethora of restaurants to choose ranging from Thai food, Mediterranean and Organic / Vegan food. I came across a place called Dao Palate on 7th Avenue. I took …

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