Veganism & Depression

B12Vegan Photo by   Veganism is a great lifestyle to adapt to. The health benefits are great and you lessen the chances of heart disease if you follow the appropriate veganism lifestyle. I never mentioned this to anyone but when I became vegan, the first few months were great. My body responded very well to this new …

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Vegan Myths

Vegans need meat. This is false. People who are vegans tend to have lower cholesterol levels, less BMI (Body Mass Index) and less chances of having hypertension. If you’re a true vegan you definitely lessen your chances of having a lot of diseases and vegan cancer rates are lower than those who consume meat.Vegans get …

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Eat Healthy & Live Life

It’s been a year and four months since I’ve become or classified myself as a vegan. This may have been the best decision thus far in my life. Being vegan is fun. It helps me enhance my creativity. I’m able to take a variety of foods and create something with pizzazz and spice. VEGAN FOOD IS …

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